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What To Expect

At the Music 101 Summer Camp, children will embark on a musical adventure, exploring different instruments each week. This hands-on program is designed to spark curiosity and foster a love for music.


An Affordable Way To Discover Music

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If you have any other questions or need further information, please get in touch with us. We’re here to help and excited to welcome your child to the Music 101 Summer Camp!

Weekly Instrument Focus

Each week, an expert instructor specializing in that week’s instrument will provide top-notch guidance and inspiration for your child. We will be playing drums, piano, guitar, and the ukulele!

Camp Highlights

  • Hands-On Learning: Children will get to play each instrument, learning through interactive and engaging activities.

  • Instrument Discovery: This is a perfect opportunity for kids to see which instrument they enjoy the most.

  • Snack Break: A short snack break is provided to keep the energy high and minds focused.

  • Inclusive Environment: You don’t need to be a current student of Mike Graci Music School to join. Everyone is welcome!

  • Collaborative Play: Children can play instruments together, enhancing their teamwork and social skills.

Join us this summer and let your child discover the joy of music at Mike Graci Music School’s Music 101 Summer Camp!

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A Convenient and Affordable Summer Camp

Great Value: At just $149.95 for the entire camp, it’s an affordable way to introduce your child to the world of music.

Benefits of Music Education

  • Boosts Cognitive Skills: Learning music enhances memory, attention, and creativity.

  • Builds Confidence: Mastering new skills gives children a sense of achievement and boosts self-esteem.

  • Encourages Discipline: Regular practice instills discipline and improves focus.

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The Music 101 Summer Camp is a four-week program hosted by Mike Graci Music School, designed for children ages 6-13 to explore different musical instruments through hands-on learning.
The camp runs every Wednesday morning from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM, starting in July.
The entire four-week program costs $149.95.
The camp is open to children aged 6-13 years old.
No, the camp is open to all children, regardless of whether they are current students of Mike Graci Music School.

The camp will focus on one instrument each week:

  • Week 1: Drums
  • Week 2: Piano
  • Week 3: Guitar
  • Week 4: Ukulele
Each week features a different expert instructor specializing in that week’s instrument, ensuring high-quality, specialized instruction.
Please provide a light snack for your child and ensure they wear comfortable clothing suitable for active participation.
Children will enjoy a fun and interactive introduction to various musical instruments, enhancing their cognitive skills, building confidence, and fostering a love for music.
While we encourage participation in the full program for the best experience, please contact us to discuss any specific needs or scheduling constraints.
No prior experience is necessary! The camp is designed for beginners and aims to provide a fun and supportive introduction to music.