Piano Lessons Charlotte NC

Piano Lessons Charlotte NC

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Piano Lessons For Everyone

Welcome to Mike Graci’s Music School, Charlotte’s prime location for musical learning. Situated in Matthews, we’ve established ourselves as renowned piano instructors, with our reputation often shared by our happy students. Aspiring musicians gravitate towards us, drawn by our blend of artistry, technical skill, and a warm learning environment.

Attend lessons at our studio near Charlotte, or choose the convenience of online classes. You will be guided by our experienced music tutors, who are teachers and skilled musicians. Our instructors are adept at instructing students from all age groups.


Our expert instructors initiate newcomers to essential piano basics. Our introductory piano courses foster imagination and lay the foundation for students to thrive. Personalized lessons are at the heart of this development.


Building upon the fundamentals of our starter courses, the intermediate to advanced lessons are designed to sharpen students’ skills. We explore compositions from iconic and popular piano songs. Our outstanding piano teachers in the Charlotte area ensure excellent musical achievements for our students.


Our one on one lessons for focus on learning popular songs for children. Kids learn to play the piano and bring their favorite songs to life in an enjoyable, encouraging, and fun setting.


Teens can channel their passion for the piano under the guidance of our seasoned instructors. Our instructors guarantee quick and adept learning in a welcoming environment.


We can help you piano journey or rekindle you past skills. Our teachers provide one-on-one lessons, ensuring you achieve your goals.


We welcome piano students of all skill levels. Under the guidance of our talented piano teachers, students can opt for in-person or virtual lessons. 


Elite piano teachers craft their curriculums for each student. These lessons are designed to cultivate a supportive atmosphere, ensure every learner feels comfortable, and focus on lasting piano expertise.


We offer both online music sessions and in-person lessons. We foster a supportive environment where each student feels at ease and is steered towards achievement.

Piano Instructors:

Jennifer Gayle Nicks

Jennifer Gayle Nicks

Jennifer has been teaching private music lessons for many years. Children, youth & adults are drawn in by her fun-loving enthusiasm her love and joy of music. She has a unique gift of making harder to grasp concepts, very possible and quickly attainable. Jennifer’s goal is to unlock the gift within and to instill lifelong musical expression.

She accelerates performance with her students as early as possible and likes to build musical confidence within a student. Jennifer teaches theory but makes sure it’s clear to the student, how it’s used in music performance. Each student has a custom lesson plan built that’s just for them. Jennifer looks at each student is an individual. One students lesson plan can be very different from another students. Jennifer believes music should be a retreat of fun, joy & healing. Something that can be part of every day life. She believes that by encouraging the positives, “mistakes” work themselves out much faster when inner confidence is built.


Shannon Lee teaches beginner piano, vocal performance & ukulele. She customizes lesson plans for each student. The goal is to have students want to play music for life, not just while taking lessons. It has to be fun, while teaching the fundamentals and techniques required for success.

Shannon’s musical experiences include, singing in church as a kid, choir, musical theater, band, jazz band, vocal performance in college, open mics, rock bands, recording and more! She has been a full time musician for 20+ years.

In addition to teaching she hosts open mics, hosts open jams, plays solo, duo, trio and full band all around the Charlotte area.

Shannon looks forward to sharing her experience with students to help them find where music fits in their lives, so that their love of music remains with them for all time.


Rob started playing drums at the age of 8 in his hometown of Reading, PA. His early influences were mostly gospel and R&B musicians from the greater Philadelphia area. Rob played percussion through middle, high school and college. He started playing piano and keyboards during his college years and went through formal training for piano performance and composition shortly thereafter. Now residing in Charlotte, NC he’s been a part of several original and cover projects. Most recently playing with a group of top NC and SC musicians backing and touring with recording artist Sy Smith.

Some of his more recent influences include popular mainstream & jazz players such as Taylor Eigsti, Nicholas Semard, Cory Henry, Robert “Sput” Searight and Robert Glasper. He has 20+ years experience playing and composing. Comfortable on any stage and very easy to get along with. He has supported a few national touring artists, including Ronnie Laws, Paula Atherton and Jeanette Harris to name a few.

Rob’s teaching philosophy is to make learning music fun through various methods including explaining theory behind your favorite popular songs, flashcards, fun practice techniques and easy memorization methods.

Garrick White


I have always loved music and have been playing for over 25 years. I started playing drums when I was very young. My dad was a drummer in the Independence High School Marching Band and started me playing when I was old enough to hold sticks. I have always been surrounded by music. My grandmother and aunt taught piano and I absorbed some of that early on. In 5th grade, I started band and learned all the elements of percussion in a concert band including keyed instruments. I continued playing in school band all the way through graduation from Weddington High School, playing mostly battery in the marching band.

One of the greatest joys of being a musician is being able to share that knowledge with others. I have been teaching privately for over 9 years, as well as working with a few local marching bands. Some of my favorite styles are jazz and Latin. In addition to teaching, I play in a local Charlotte band called Runnin Down A Dream, which is a tribute to Tom Petty and another band called FM Encore. Some of my influences are Mike Portnoy, Neil Peart, Jon Bonham and Danny Carey.


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Your Charlotte piano teacher will help you pick the right keyboard for you. 


We advise students to purchase their piano/keyboard. Having a basic keyboard is vital for consistent practice. The teacher will help you along with this process.

While six years might be early for formal piano instruction, kids can begin grasping basic musical principles. We make each lesson fun and interactive for each student. 

There’s no fixed age guideline. Children below six will have fun learning classic kid’s songs. The ideal age largely hinges on the child’s disposition and maturity. Some youngsters have displayed exceptional talent even at tender ages.

Indeed, we provide online lessons for piano. Contact us to explore our remote options now.

With regular practice and weekly one-on-one lessons, students can achieve basic mastery in roughly one month.  We encourage at least 30 minutes of practice approximately five days a week.

Indeed, we offer both virtual and one-on-one individual piano classes.

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