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90-min weekly session for 6 weeks.

Sessions are held on weekend afternoons.

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Jam Band

The “Jam Band Sessions” by Mike Graci Music School offers an exciting and immersive experience for aspiring musicians of all levels. This unique program, carefully crafted to nurture musical talent and foster a love for collaborative performance. It spans over six weeks with weekly session lasting 90 minutes. Scheduled for weekend afternoons, these sessions allow students to dive deep into the world of music without disrupting their weekly routine. The Jam Band resets every six weeks, providing new opportunities for to make music together.

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During each session, teachers will assign songs for students to play with others. The curriculum includes learning new songs and practicing different genres. Students will have the chance to be part of a band, gaining valuable experience in teamwork and group dynamics. They will learn popular songs that are fun to play.
An instructor will guide students through instruction tailored to their skill levels and musical interests. Whether a beginner or a professional player, each participant will find the guidance and support they need to grow and excel.

In addition to practical music lessons, the “Jam Band” also emphasizes the importance of performance. Students will have opportunities to showcase their progress and talents in a friendly and supportive environment.

At Mike Graci Music School, we believe that music is more than just notes and rhythms—it’s a way to express oneself, connect with others, and explore new creative horizons. Our “Jam Band” is designed to provide a comprehensive, enjoyable, and rewarding musical experience. Join us for an adventure in music that you won’t forget!


Age Groups are as follows: 8-12,13-17, 18+

All experience levels are welcome!

At our camp, students have the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments including drums, guitar, piano, ukulele, violin, and vocals. We welcome students interested in any instrument, not just those listed, to join and explore their musical talents.

Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments to enhance their learning experience. However, the only exception is drums; students are not required to bring their own drum sets as these are provided at the camp.

There are no prerequisites for joining our Jam Band. We welcome students of all skill levels, including beginners with no prior experience in music. The camp is designed to accommodate and nurture students at every level of their musical journey.

Yes, we offer family discounts for those interested in enrolling multiple family members. We encourage you to inquire about these discounts to learn more about the opportunities for financial assistance.
During the sessions, we cover a wide range of music genres, with a focus on popular music. This approach allows students to explore various styles and find their own musical preferences.

Students should bring their own instruments, with the exception of drums, which are provided at the camp. This helps students become more comfortable and proficient with their instruments.

Yes, students have the flexibility to sign up for more than one instrument. This allows them to explore different aspects of music and broaden their skills across various instruments.