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Violin Lessons For Everyone

Welcome to Mike Graci’s Music School, Charlotte’s premier music education hub. Nestled in Matthews, NC, our esteemed violin teachers have gained an excellent reputation thanks to the glowing recommendations of our pleased students. We focus on creativity and a welcoming community.

Whether you prefer to visit our studio close to Charlotte or prefer online classes, our seasoned music instructors are here. We cater to students spanning all age groups.

Drum Lessons Include:

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Beginner Violin Lessons

For newcomers to the violin, our adept teachers lay down the foundational principles. Leveraging familiar tunes, they guide novices through their initial musical phases, fostering creativity and paving the way for future artists. Periodic individualized lessons further enhance this development.

Intermediate to Advanced Violin Lessons

Our intermediate to advanced violin lessons are designed to refine and elevate the abilities of our students. Lessons are provided one-on-one, focusing on popular pieces from your favorite composers. Our skilled violin instructors near Charlotte ensure our students thrive and perform at a superior level.


boy playing violin
Our teaching philosophy revolves around personalized violin lessons, ensuring students learn violin in a lighthearted, supportive setting.


boy playing violin closeup
Teenagers passionate about the violin will find mentorship under our seasoned instructors, guaranteeing swift and adept learning in a congenial environment.


man playing violin
We offer dynamic lessons tailored for the mature learner, allowing you to showcase pieces at your preferred pace.

Charlotte Violin Lessons

We serve students from all proficiency levels. Under the guidance of our violin teachers, students can participate in custom-tailored in-person or online sessions.

Violin Instructors Near Me

Our studio hosts lessons conducted by the best local violinists, creating a fun-filled ambiance where students, irrespective of their skill set, can relax and learn.
Online and In-person Violin Lessons
Offering both remote and face-to-face lessons, we foster a supportive environment that emboldens students and steers them towards triumph.
Find Your Perfect Violin Gear
Our Charlotte-based teachers will assist you to find the perfect violin for your needs and budget.


We recommend that students invest in their own violin. Owning an instrument is essential for steady practice, and our teachers will guide you through the acquisition process.
While six might seem young for structured violin lessons, children can start understanding fundamental musical concepts at this age. We ensure each lesson is engaging and tailored to the student’s needs.
There isn’t a strict age requirement. However, some kids under six may not have the necessary hand coordination or patience for violin lessons. The best age often depends on the individual child’s readiness and maturity. Remarkably, some kids show immense potential even at very young ages.
Yes, we do have online music lessons available. Please get in touch to discuss our options.
With dedicated practice and consistent weekly private lessons, students can attain foundational proficiency in about three months. We suggest practicing for at least 30 minutes, five days a week.

Absolutely, we provide both online and in-person individual violin sessions.