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Guitar Lessons For All Ages and Skill levels

Welcome to Mike Graci’s Music Lessons, Charlotte’s premier music education hub. Nestled in Matthews NC, we’ve blossomed into a sought-after guitar school, with our reputation often being passed from one satisfied student to another. Both parents and individuals turn to us for a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a welcoming community.

Take lessons at our studio near Charlotte or take lessons online. Lessons are facilitated by our experienced music educators who aren’t just teachers; they’re professional musicians. Our instructors cater to students of all ages, with thousands of teaching hours under their belt.

Guitar Lessons Include:

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Beginner Guitar Lessons

Our expert instructors guide beginners through essential guitar basics. Recognizable songs aid students during their initial phases of musical growth. Our guitar teachers will provide a solid foundation and pave the way for new students to become outstanding musicians. Weekly individual guitar sessions help you achieve your goals.

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

Building on the foundation set in beginner courses, our intermediate to advanced guitar lessons are designed to enhance the skills of our students further. Lessons are one-on-one, learning popular songs from your favorite artists. Our talented guitar teachers near Charlotte ensure our students excel and perform at an elevated standard.


girl playing guitar
We focus on one on one guitar lessons. Children are taught to read music and bring their favorite songs to life in an enjoyable, encouraging, and fun setting.


teen boy playing guitar
Teens can harness their passion for guitar with the guidance of our seasoned guitar teachers. We ensure rapid and skillful learning in a friendly setting.


young adult playing guitar
If you’re an adult aspiring to start your guitar journey or longing for the thrill of playing with others, we welcome you. We offer dynamic adult lessons with tailored for adults. With us, you’ll learn, play, and showcase songs at your own pace.

Charlotte Guitar Lessons

Whether you’re interested in electric or acoustic guitar, we provide lessons for students of all skill levels. Our seasoned guitar teachers can instruct students in person or remotely.

Guitar Instructors Near Me

The best local guitar instructors give lessons at our studio. These classes are designed to create a supportive environment where students of all skill levels are comfortable.
Online and In-person Guitar Lessons
We now provide online guitar lessons and in-person lessons. Those opting for online guitar lessons will receive the best experience possible and be equipped with online tools to aid their success.
Find Your Perfect Guitar Gear
The world of guitars is diverse, from electric to acoustic, solid body to semi-hollow, and single pickups to dual humbuckers. Your Charlotte-based guitar instructor will educate you on the many options for guitar. We can guide you with essentials like straps, picks, and strings.


We recommend students purchase their own guitar. Owning an instrument is critical for regular practice. The teacher will help you along with this process.

Although children under six might be too young for structured guitar lessons, they can start learning basic musical concepts. We make each lesson fun and interactive for each student. 

While there isn’t a strict age recommendation, many kids under six may lack the dexterity or patience for guitar lessons. However, the right age largely depends on the child’s maturity. Some have shown remarkable aptitude at very young ages.

Indeed, we provide online lessons for guitar. Contact us to explore our remote options now.

Regular practice and weekly private lessons enable basic proficiency in about two months. For optimal results, we suggest at least 30 minutes of practice, give days a week.

Yes, we provide both remote and in-person private guitar lessons.