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Ukulele Lessons For Everyone

Welcome to Mike Graci’s Music Academy, Charlotte’s premier choice for music learning. Situated in Matthews, we’ve become a trusted place to learn the ukulele. Most of our acclaim comes from the recommendations of our pleased students. We’re the go-to place because of our renowned blend of creative teaching, technical proficiency, and a welcoming community.

Visit our studio near Charlotte, or choose our online lessons. Our teachers are experienced music professionals, skilled educators, and adept musicians. We promote setting goals for each lesson. Our diverse instructors are trained to guide learners of every age, boasting thousands of hours of teaching experience.

Ukulele Lessons Include:

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Beginner Ukulele Lessons

At our academy, beginners delve into fundamental ukulele basics. Our foundational ukulele program nurtures creativity, propelling aspiring artists toward growth. Individualized lessons are the backbone of this progression, in a fun environment.

Intermediate to Advanced Ukulele Lessons

Building on beginner teachings, our intermediate to advanced instructors further polish your ukulele skills. Weekly classes provide specialized guidance, exploring intricate tunes from renowned musicians. Our outstanding ukulele teachers in the Charlotte area and a trusted instructional approach, we ensure students rise and perform at an unparalleled level.


Cute little girl learning to play ukulele at home.
Kids experience the joy of bringing their beloved songs to life in a lively, fun, and supportive setting. Depending on their age and skill level, they’re matched with an instructor that’s right for them.


ukulele lessons
Teens can harness their passion for ukulele under our guidance. Our skilled teachers promise swift and adept learning in a fun and welcoming environment.


Woman play with ukulele at home
We teach ukulele enthusiasts of all skill levels. Under our educators, students can enjoy customized in-person or virtual lessons.

Charlotte Ukulele Lessons

We teach ukulele enthusiasts of all skill levels. Under our educators, students can enjoy customized in-person or virtual lessons.

Ukulele Instructors Near Me

All instructors are seasoned ukulele teachers. We create a nurturing ambiance where every learner feels comfortable and is guided towards success.

Online and In-person Ukulele Lessons

We currently provide both online lessons and in-person lessons. Those choosing virtual ukulele classes can fit it around their current schedule.

Find Your Perfect Ukulele Gear

Our Charlotte-based ukulele instructors will introduce you to the array of equipment options from prominent music manufacturers. We’ll help you choose a ukulele that fits your personal style and needs.


We recommend students invest in their own ukulele, especially as they progress. Owning a personal instrument is crucial for regular practice. The teacher will help you along with this process.
While children might be young at six for formal ukulele lessons, they can start understanding fundamental musical concepts. We make each lesson fun and interactive for each student.
While there isn’t a strict age requirement, some children under six may need additional hand coordination or patience for ukulele lessons. The optimal starting age largely depends on the child’s temperament and maturity. Remarkably, some kids have shown immense talent at very young ages.
Yes, we offer online lessons. Call us today to learn more.
Students can achieve foundational proficiency in about a month with diligent practice and weekly individualized sessions. We encourage at least 30 minutes of practice approximately five days a week.

Indeed, we offer both virtual and one-on-one individual ukulele classes.