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Drum Lessons For Everyone

Welcome to Mike Graci’s Music School, Charlotte’s top destination for music education. Located in Matthews NC, we have grown to be a highly-regarded drum school, and our reputation is often spread through word-of-mouth from satisfied students. People seek us out for our unique combination of creativity, technical expertise, and welcoming community.

Join us at our studio near Charlotte, or opt for online lessons. Our seasoned music instructors, educators, and accomplished musicians teach at our school. Our team is equipped to teach students of all ages, having accumulated thousands of instructional hours.

Drum Lessons Include:

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Beginner Drum Lessons

Our skilled instructors introduce beginners to the foundations of learning drum set and percussion. Using popular songs as guides, students find assistance during their early musical journey. Our beginner drum instructors encourage creativity and set the stage for budding artists to excel. Regular one-on-one drum lessons fuel this growth.

Intermediate And Advanced Drum Lessons

Building on the foundation set in beginner courses, our intermediate to advanced drum lessons are designed to further refine the techniques of our students. Lessons are one-on-one, focusing on popular rhythms and beats from your favorite artists. Our skilled drum instructors near Charlotte ensure our students excel and perform at a superior level.


kid playing drums
Our teaching strategy focuses on individual drum lessons. We teach them to play their favorite songs in a fun, supportive, and relaxed environment.


boy playing drums
Teens can harness their love for the drums with the mentorship of our experienced instructors. Our teachers ensure rapid and skillful learning in a friendly setting.


man playing drums
If you’re an adult eager to begin your drum adventure or yearn to experience the joy of playing alongside others, you’re in the right place. We provide vibrant lessons specifically designed for adults. With us, you can learn, practice, and perform songs at a pace that suits you.

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Charlotte Drum Lessons

We cater to students of all levels. Guided by our expert drum educators, students enjoy personalized face-to-face or online classes.

Drum Instructors Near Me

Top local drum teachers teach lessons in our studio. These sessions foster a fun learning environment where students of every proficiency feel at ease.
Online and In-Person Drum Lessons
We provide both online and one-on-one music lessons. We cultivate a nurturing atmosphere where students feel comfortable and are guided toward success.
Find Your Perfect Drummer Gear
Your Charlotte-based drum instructor will educate you on the many options for drum sets. We can guide you with the essentials.


We advise students to purchase their own drums. Having a personal instrument is vital for consistent practice. There are three options: Electronic drums, acoustic drums, and a drum practice pad. The teacher will help you along with this process.
While six years might be early for formal drum instruction, kids can begin grasping basic musical principles. We make each lesson fun and interactive for each student.
There’s no fixed age guideline, but some children below six might lack the dexterity or patience for drum classes. The ideal age largely hinges on the child’s maturity. Some youngsters have displayed exceptional talent even at tender ages.
Certainly, we provide remote lessons. Contact us to explore our remote class options now.
With regular practice and weekly one-on-one lessons, students can achieve basic mastery in roughly two months. We advocate for at least 30 minutes of practice five days a week.
Indeed, we offer both virtual and one-on-one individual guitar classes.