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Voice Lessons For Everyone

Welcome to Mike Graci’s Music School, Charlotte’s top destination for music education. Located in Matthews, we have highly-trained voice instructors, and our reputation is often spread through word-of-mouth from satisfied students. People seek us out for our unique combination of creativity, technical expertise, and welcoming atmosphere.

Join us at our studio near Charlotte, or opt for online lessons. Our seasoned music instructors, educators, and accomplished musicians lead these sessions. Our team is equipped to teach students of all ages, having accumulated thousands of instructional hours.

Voice Lessons Include:

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Beginner Voice Lessons

Our skilled instructors introduce beginners to foundational voice concepts: voice exercises, pitch, and proper technique for control.  Our beginner voice program encourages creativity and sets the stage for budding artists to excel. Regular one-on-one voice lessons fuel this growth. Training with a focus on performance is the key to achieving vocal excellence.

Intermediate to Advanced Voice Lessons

Expanding on the basics taught in our beginner classes, our intermediate to advanced voice sessions aim to refine our students’ abilities further. These lessons offer individualized instruction, delving into dynamic vocals from celebrated artists. With our exceptional voice instructors in the Charlotte vicinity and a tried-and-true teaching methodology, we guarantee our students achieve and perform at a superior level.


boy singing
We instruct children in finding their voice, letting them animate their favorite songs in a fun, supportive, and relaxed environment.


woman singing
Teenagers can channel their enthusiasm for singing under the coaching of our experienced instructors. Our proven teachers excel at promoting rapid and proficient learning.


lady singing
For adults eager to embark on their singing journey or enjoying the excitement of singing in a band, we’re here for you. Our knowledgeable voice instructors offer tailored private sessions.

Charlotte Voice Lessons

We cater to vocal lovers of all proficiency levels. Guided by our expert voice educators, students enjoy personalized face-to-face or online lessons.

Voice Instructors Near Me

Top-notch voice professionals oversee our courses. They’re crafted to foster a nurturing setting where every student, regardless of their level, feels at ease and is steered towards enduring vocal mastery.
Online and In-person Voice Lessons
We now offer remote music lessons and face-to-face classes. Those selecting online voice tuition get an exceptional experience.
Find Your Perfect Voice
Your Charlotte-based voice instructor will educate you on how to nurture and protect your voice to avoid injury. We’ll teach you proper form.


While many 6-year-olds are passionate singers, their attention span might not be ideal for structured voice training. Yet, introducing them to basic musical concepts is possible at this age. We make each lesson fun and interactive for each student.
While some kids showcase singing talents at a tender age, the decision to start lessons depends on the child’s individual enthusiasm and maturity.
Yes! Call to learn more about our remote-learning options.
The essence of mastering singing or any instrument lies in consistent practice. With dedication and a positive mindset, your child can exhibit noticeable improvements in their singing within 6 months through our program. However, progress rates are subjective and vary among individuals.
The emphasis should be on the consistency of practice rather than the songs practiced. We suggest a daily practice session of at least 30 minutes for optimal results. Students will be given material to work on for their upcoming lessons.
Yes, we provide personalized singing lessons, both one-on-one and online. Our unique approach nurtures individual talents, offering an invaluable experience in learning vocal skills.