Thank you for your interest in drum/percussion lessons with Mike Graci Music in Matthews. We are located in the downtown area of Matthews, NC. We offer lessons online or in person, it’s totally your choice. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have experience-we can help you improve your skills and accomplish your goals. We teach all ages and levels at MGM. It’s never too early or late to learn drums. There are no sign-up fees.


We have the finest instructors on staff. Our teachers are experienced as well as seasoned performers/musicians. We have proven methods of teaching that are fast and easy. You will get excellent results. We will fast track your skills to get you to the playing and to the next level quickly. Whether you’re interested in drum-set or percussion or both, we got you covered.


We teach speed, control, independence, school band, snare drum, timing, technique, grooves & fills, rhythms, odd time, double bass, songs, solos, tuning, reading and writing music and more. We teach all styles of music. We look forward in get you started right away on your musical journey.



Thank You,
Mike Graci (Owner)


Call Mike at (704)962-0086 or email at drummission@aol.com