Celeste King

Voice, Ukulele, Beginner Guitar Instructor

Celeste King Bio

Celeste is a local musician and third-generation North Carolinian. She began singing as a young child with her musician parents, and focused on music during her schooling. She played in the school band, and in chorus, and then studied voice at CPCC. She then transferred to UNC Charlotte where she earned a double major in History Education and International Studies with a minor in Music.

In addition to her position as a music teacher at Mike Graci Music, Celeste writes and performs music. She wrote her first song on the guitar at the age of 13, and joined her first band at the age of 17. The music she writes is inspired by the beauty of the natural world and she uses her music as a form of environmental advocacy. She enjoys sharing nature and music with children to help broaden their worldview, inspire creativity, and to grow an appreciation for music and the wildlife around them. In her view, the natural world produces the most beautiful music.

Celeste can help you learn to sing and play your favorite songs, develop your voice, or give you the tools to write your own music.